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Hello all,

Longtime owner, 89 'vert LX 5.0 since 98 and a 86 hot rod coupe 4 cly 358 Windsor conversion done in 2002. I've read posts and lurked for years but I'm not a big social media user so I didn't join until I picked up another project and I figured there's probably been some improvements since 2002 to the Mustang restomod world. The project I picked up is a 89 GT that had a small fire in the dash. the whole interior has to be redone but the bones of the car seem pretty solid so I think I can save it.

Pack rats made a home in it and have since been eradicated but they left it a mess. It's complete but in pieces and came with a builder 302, an AOD (its a T5 car), a set of Ponys and Adjustable Maximum Motorsports lower rear control arms. I'd welcome opinions on which way to go replacing the dash and upgrading it as I restore it.

Thanks in advance for welcoming me.


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