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I have a hurst line lock.
What thread size is in the hurst line lock?
Who sells a braided hose and adaptors for hooking up a autometer brake pressure gauge that is 1/8" NPT 27 to hook up to the hurst line lock?
I also think I'm going to need a "T" for bleeding purposes.

Here is how I think it goes.
Basically I will come out of the side of the line lock with a braided hose and run that to a "T" fitting... on the other side of the "T" fitting the pressure sending unit from autometer will screw in to that and lastly a bleeder valve will screw into the other side of the "T" fitting.

The gauge I'm looking at is a 4467 by autometer. It is electrically controlled. I like that one because I do not want brake fluid in the car.
I already have the line lock set up. Just need to tap into it for the autometer sending unit. Thanks corral.:salute:
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