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I've been running an Odyssey PC680 (mounted passenger side due to turbo) on my turbo 2v. Starts the engine no problem. Only non-stock acc the car has is 3 Ford GT fuel pumps (running full time) and a BAP.

The problem I've been experiencing is a low charge voltage. I am using a Motorcraft reman'd alternator (130 amp) that I bought directly from Ford.

I am running underdrive pulleys if that makes a difference.

Here is what I see for voltages @ battery:

Cold start: 13.8 (DVOM)

Warm idle: 13.4 (DVOM)

WOT: 12.0 (via live link)

Voltage does not increase when I rev the engine. It is basically a static value.

I installed a brand new PC680 last night to see if that was the issue, results are the same.

I have checked the resistance for the alt charging wire and the comes within spec.

12v excite wire is intact and produces battery voltage when measured.

I have an overdrive pulley to install on the alt, but figured revving the engine should at least bring up the voltage, which it does not.

I've thought about going to a larger 200 amp unit with upgraded power and ground cables to see if that helps, but that is a $400 gamble at this point.

Any thoughts? I'm kind of stumped at this one and would rather not just toss money at it to figure out WTF is going on.


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