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I have a Kenne Bell 2.1L on the way. I know for sure that it will not clear the Strut Tower Brace that I currently have for the stock 2003 GT 2V. This car is used for open track so a STB is really necessary.

OK... Stick with me as I ramble...

I see that that Maximum Motorsports has a couple of Cobra STB versions. One specifically for the KB and Whipple. This will require an new hood for clearance. However, I am pretty sure that the 2.1L has a lower height as it will clear the stock hood. So maybe the KB / Whipple STB one isn't needed (along with a new hood)? There is also the STB's for the stock 03-04 Cobra and the 99-02 Cobra. Will either of these clear the 2.1L and stock GT hood?

If I need more hood clearance, does anyone know if the 99-01 Cobra (same as 03-04 V6) hood has any more under hood clearance than the 2003 GT?

To condense my ramble, what STB will clear a 2.1L on a 2003 GT? Doesn't have to be from MM...
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