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ok, so yesterday i changed my diff cover, put a buttload of RTV on that SOB. filled it back up, and went out for a few beers with a buddy. i parked the car, and at the end of the night found a drop or two of oil. then, i drove home (sober) and parked the car for the night. this morning i found exactly one drop under there. here's my question. i did manage to spill some diff. fluid on the housing when i was filling it back up. does it sound more likely that it's coming from what i spilled, or that it's from the diff.

when i took off the old cover, i wiped the housing with a rag, scraped it with a razor, then sprayed some brake clean on it to dry it up, so i think it was nice and clean. then i put enough RTV on the new cover to make it come out of the bolt holes when i tightened it down. does that stuff take some time to cure?

thanks, sorry for the long post, but this is my first solo project. usually my mechanic friend helps me!

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