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JPC Dyno Shooutout
November 17th 2012
9am to 6pm

JPC will be hosting our 2nd dyno shootout on November 17th. At our first dyno event we dynoed over 25 cars and trucks with the winner of our shootout putting down over 660rwhp! Think you can beat it?

Not trying to compete? That's fine, come down and see what your car / truck makes. At the last event we dynoed everything from Cobra's to a lifted Dodge pickup with a big block. Don't have a car you want to dyno? Come down and hangout for the day. We'll be having another open house and we'll be rolling through cars on the dyno throughout the day so there's plenty of things to check out.

This event will be open to all rear wheel drive cars and trucks (non diesel) and it's first come first serve. The list fills up quick so come early, we will do our best to fit everyone in the best we can though. The pricing will be the same as last time -

3 Pulls w/o Air to Fuel - $50
3 Pulls with Air to Fuel - $80

Whats up for grabs ?
The winner of the event with the highest horsepower ride will get a plaque and a $100 gift certificate!

Where will it be?
The event will be hosted at Justin's Performance Center located at 301 Serendipity Drive, Millersville MD 21108.

Do I need to do anything special to my car?
Nope. All you need to do is make sure your car is ready to go before we call you up to the dyno to help us keep the event moving. Make sure you car has plenty of oil, coolant, ice (for those of you with Air/Water) and a half tank of fuel.

Will there be an open house like there was at the last event?
Yes, we will have the shop open for you to take a look around and check out our current projects.

How long does it normally take to strap down a car?
We normally get a car on and off the dyno within 20 minutes or less, we like to keep the event moving to get as many cars as we can on the dyno.

What kind of dyno do you use?
We use a Dyno Dynamic's dyno.

What if I want to dyno my car but I'd like to keep my numbers on the down low?
We can accommodate you.

If you've got any questions just give us a call at 410 729 0005 and ask for Aaron
or email us @ [email protected]##############

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