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To coat or not to coat – this is a question a lot of drivers ask themselves when it comes to aftermarket headers and better performance for their rides. Today we are here to answer this question for you and introduce Jet-Hot Long Tube Headers that are now available at CARiD.

The main benefit of the coating from a performance standpoint is that the metallic-ceramic combination retains the heat in the pipes, which improves exhaust scavenging. Jet-Hot is the most trusted name in exhaust coating. Ceramic coating process they use lower surrounding temperatures by up to 65%, protect from thermal oxidation, galvanic corrosion and gives the ability to withstand 1250°F surface temperatures.

Jet-Hot® - Long Tube Headers

For these particular headers, Jet-Hot partnered with Kooks. They are made of 409 stainless steel and designed to complement the firing order of the engine and optimize scavenging to produce the most power and strongest sound. Combined with proven high temp ceramic metallic coating by Jet-Hot, these headers offer the best value for the money you spent.

Jet-Hot™ | Exhaust Coatings, Headers, Mufflers, Parts —

Available for Modern and old-school Mustang applications!

Leave all your doubts behind and entrust performance of your Ford Mustang to Jet-Hot!​
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