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Bought these wheels and tires brand new last summer. Cost me 980 with the spacers. They are in really good shape, tires have maybe 150 street miles and 20 passes if that.

Front tires are just a standard 165 radial. Rears are a 275 hoosier drag radial.

I did need to grind just a tad bit off the rear calipers to get them to not rub on my 05. They use stock lug nuts.

One center cap is dented but besides that no cosmetic issues.

Dont need to sell these but figured i would see if anybody has any interest.

Would let go for 625 cash. They are mounted and ready to be bolted on.

Front : 15x4 W/ 1.75 BS , PN: 555-67051 ,
Rear : 15x8 W/ 5.5 BS , PN: 555-67077
3/8" Spacer ,PN: 555-65051

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