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temp 89 hum 90%
2.086 60ft
5.924 330ft
9.148 1/8
76.11 MPH
11.894 1000ft
14.232 1/4
95.10 MPH
that was august 01

Here is todays times air temp about 50-55
(i dont think the track was preped at all)
2.340 60ft
6.177 330ft
9.307 1/8th
78.82 MPH
12.001 1000ft
14.259 1/4
100.72 MPH
both times are on stock tires

here are the mods to date now

Mac Cold AI, FMS alum drive shaft, 4.30 gears, JMS chip +3* timeing 3% leaner, bassini X no cats, dyno max ultra flows (no chambers). with dumps MM C/C plates, ilum 5 ways,
MM coil over fronts 375#, MM adj rear LCA, T/A panard rod, 390-430 lb springs.... and a tri axe.....

DR will be next no point in any more mods till i get them gona try norwalk on the 19 the have a much better track easy 1.8 60ft DR track

Anyone fill free to comment
thanks for any info Vector

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The drag radials will help you quite a bit. The Nittos will last longer and seem to be a little more 'corner carver' friendly on the street. However, I found the BFG drag radials to be more consistent with sixty-foot times at the strip.
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