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Hi everyone. My name's Dustin, I'm from eastern Ohio, south of Youngstown. I've browsed on here for a little while, but this is my first post.
I was never a Ford guy, to be honest. Here is a condensed version of how I came to be a Ford owner haha.
I've always been a mopar guy. First car was a 1972 Dart, built a junkyard 360 my senior year in hs (20 years ago) and was running low 13's with an auto and 3.23 gears. It was a blast. I was always able to get mopars to run real well, and cheap. I've built just about every type of car since then, big block, small block, you name it.
Well, life took over. Marriage, divorce, kids, personal tragedies, you name it. Ended up with a 1973 Dart Sport 340 basket case and thats it. Last year my house caught fire (long story...dont ask about insurance. Lets just say I got screwed and lost everything.) and I was left looking at what my priorities in life were. I wanted my kids to be happy, and have some memorable experiences. Good ones. Lol
So...I heard about a 1990 5.0/auto LX nearby. Fairly cheap, complete, rust free. All original except Ford headers, flowmaster exhaust (h-pipe, no cats), and 16" Pony wheels. Trans was rebuilt, car has 122k on it. 2.76 gears. Perfect opportunity to teach my 15 year old a little, and just have some fun. It had some bugs after sitting for 11 years but after doing the little things (free) I read online we got it down to [email protected] He had fun he loves fox bodies.
I have the car apart right now, it kind of snowballed. Ill make a build thread or something to detail that. Last month I picked up an 88' 5.0/5spd LX coupe with 92k miles as a parts car. I say parts because it has no title. Factory black/red int. No factory A/C, not many options period. Im swapping to a 5-spd, but Im probably going to part the car out. Again, details for another thread haha.

Anyway, hi to everyone! Its been fun learning about these cars, I look forward to seeing what happens. It will be a low-buck build, a single dad with 4 kids can't really afford anything else. Anything I buy will be the result of parts that I sold. I do have a small "pile" of parts starting. Some stuff to trade.

Happy Memorial Day!
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