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Hey all,

Here is a Sherlock Holmes type problem I really need help with!

Before I go into details, I have had a big google/forum wide search and it's led to confusion!

Car chooses to when and when not to start!

The car:

2014 Mustang GT Premium, all standard.

The problem:
It first reared it's ugly head around a year ago. Turned the key, all seemed normal but nothing. No sound, no attempt to start, nothing. It was confusing, but out of stubbornness I just kept the key try the key, shaking in my seat with anger and all of a sudden it started. I ended up getting the battery changed which kind of helped the gaps between the problem extend, but the problem was still there.

Since then, there will be days where it does the same, just no reaction, lights stay on, radio plays, windows work etc. and then all of a sudden it will start after a few prolonged key turns.

I lived with this until yesterday where the car just wouldn't start, I kept trying and trying, all electrics were fine and working. I tried both keys, unlocking and locking a few times to see if the immobiliser hadn't kicked in, had a brand new battery put in and still nothing.
The mechanic who had a look when I fitted the battery had a play around with some of the cables leading to and from the battery and the fuse box then all of a sudden it started a couple of times.

All in all, I am guessing it has something to do with the cables but as I am not a car mechanic in the slightest, is there anything I can focus on or tests I can do that anybody can suggest?

Short version:
Car doesn't always start, when it doesn't, the car doesn't even attempt to turn over.
Brand new battery fitted, didn't start still.
Played with cables, started a couple of times but then after a drive, nothing.
Suspect car corrosion, but unsure how to test.
Advice much needed and appreciated!

Thank you all in advance!
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