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Hello everyone. Hoping to get input from people who have similar set-up. I feel like my numbers are very low for what i have. Mustang Magic dyno'd at 458 RWHP.

Another thing, when i drive the car around town easy or when i let the car idle it starts to run like crap (cannot WOT) until i drive it 3/4 throttle for awhile then its back to running perfect again where i can actually punch it and have no issues. Any thoughts?

Here is my set-up....

2002 GT
Teksid Block
Kellog 3V Crank
Manley H Beams
Mahle 16cc dished pistons
SS rings
APR 2000 studs and bolts
Windage tray
Melling billet oil pump
TFS 44cc Heads
Stage 3 blower cams spec'd for the TFS heads
American Racing 1 7/8 SS headers to a 3 o/r X and a Magnapack cat back
Kenne Bell 1.7 supercharger with custom onlet at 14 lbs
Moroso ice tank
LFP heat exchanger Return fuel system
Division X billet hat
Duel 340 pumps -10 feed, -8 return
Aeromotive rails and regulator
Siemens 60# injectors
Full tubular front suspension with coilovers
Baseline street launch rear suspension with the outlaw uppers
Subframe connectors
Welded torque boxes
T3650 Transmission with upgraded 26 spline input shaft
8.8 rear with 31 spline axles
Eaton Tru Trac
Welded tubes and TA dif girdle

Thanks for taking the time to read to help out.
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