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Hey guys, well its my turn in the barrel,lol,i had a question, hopefully i am putting this in in the proper place in the forum, if not i apologize.

I have a couple of Foxbodys and right now im having a issue with my 91 GT,earlier i was needing to compare a plug I'm looking for for a project I'm working on and i remembered my inertia switch plug is about the size i need so i proceeded to open my trunk and check it out and i was disturbed to find my plug has been getting hot apparently and has melted a little bit,what could be causing this?

If i may i will give some background to what i think might have contributed to this,last year in February this guy plowed into the back of this car causing 3 thousand dollars worth of damage,the tank was untouched, believe it or not but of course right after the collision the car wouldn't start so i remembered the inertia switch, i was able to pop the trunk from the glove compartment, as soon as i reset the switch the car started perfectly,haven't had any issues with the fuel pump since and it runs perfectly,also underneath the car i noticed tonight the big plug that connects to the wiring harness that comes from the tank (for the gauge and the fuel pump) has a piece of it broken and you can actually see a bit of the wiring there and i was wondering if maybe water could be getting in there when it rains and splash it ups when I'm driving and in turn temporarily shorting the wires and causing them to get hot? i also noticed when i went to check on the inertia switch i noticed the inertia switch was loose from the body of the car, (the screws were loose) so it was moving a bit.

I just wanted to put this thread up and see if anyone had had a similar experience,i looked on the internet and found info on a few rangers that were having issues with the plug getting hot on the inertia switch but it wasn't really helpful,I'm a proactive kinda person and like to fix things when i find the slightest thing wrong before it becomes a big issue, i do have the bigger alternator conversion and a electric fan in my car with a optima yellow battery, just wanted to put this out there in case you might wanna know,thanks!
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