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I need some advice on how to procede with this mustang I just purchased.

To make this short and sweet, I came from this:

2004 Audi S4, Koni Yellows, H&R Springs, upgraded swaybars to combat understeer from lowering the front a tad more when leveling the height, and standard brake upgrades like pads, fluids, and stoptech lines.

Understeer at the limit. rear of Engine is in front of front wheels. Just can't get around that fact, and the car is 3900lbs.
Incredibly precise handling outside of balance issue, could easily, effortlessly place the car on a centimeter by centimeter basis on any given line.
Steering feel was excellent, and heavy effort at speed.
Brakes felt great until you had 2+ laps at any given course
Throttle couldn't always be used to combat understeer (given 50:50 torque distribution and 2:1 center diff)

I loved how it handled and how effortless it was to drive, shift, accelerate and brake.

Now in the stang:

2011 GT, Brembos, 3.73's, stock.

-Balance is dead neutral. The car very slightly understeers at the most absolute limit, and throttle application adjusts balance very easily
-Hard to shift (that's just me getting used to it)
-I have a harder time placing the car in a lane on the highway, and instead of being able to be centimeters in accuracy, I'm up to feet.
-Larger bumps are firm, but not much feedback from the car otherwise
-EPAS on the 2011 feels slightly overboosted
-Little wheelhop
-Brake pedal isn't as firm as I'd like
-Ride height is way high, and you can feel it from even the driver's seat

Some of these I know how to correct, but some I do not. I'd love to have an adjustable system again as I did with the audi, as I was able to dial in the dampening perfectly for a daily driver that was firm and well-controlled. Steering was my favorite thing about the previous car because it was just so crazy accurate.

I've spent a lot of time reading about these cars, but I really am curious to find a way to preserve the car's well engineered balance, but gain back some of those characteristics I loved about my last car.
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