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I want to be ASE certified for cars and small trucks in as many levels (A1-A8) as possible, and am trying to find a shop to get my two years experience needed for certification.

I don't have any professional experience in the automotive industry, but I have some installation experience and know how to turn a wrench. On my Mustang I've installed a cold air intake, short throw shifter, cat-back exhaust, stereo system including head unit/amp/subwoofers, aftermarket alarm system, and also done my own maintenence such as oil and spark plug changes. I've helped my friend put a new roots blower on his Pontiac Bonneville, and helped him change his brake pads and rotors on his Taurus SHO. I'm a really quick learner trying to pay his way through college. I'm hardworking and always punctual, and I really love working with cars.

I'm looking for a shop in the Hagerstown/Frederick/Gaithersburg/Rockville area willing to hire an apprentice mechanic in exchange for a certain number of years commitment at the shop at a slightly less wage than my new certifications would warrant.

Does anyone have any connections at a shop that matches my description, or at least know of one that I could check out? I contacted as many shops as I could find in the area today by email (42 of them), and hopefully I'll hear from them soon. But until then I thought I would try my luck here and see if someone can help out a fellow stanger. I live near Rockville right now, but I'm looking to relocate to the Hagerstown area if I can get a job near there.

Thanks guys!
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