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Looking into moving up into SCCA Time Trials now. Either I could build for American Sedan and leave it at that, or I can build a Street Prepared car, which also qualifies for Time Trials. Then I have a dual purpose car. No other auto-x class is legal in SCCA Time Trials.

My question is about subframe connectors. My last car was a CP build, so it was a non issue. Did something change in the rules that I haven't paid attention to?

15.2.D.2: Each SFC must attach at no more than three points on the unibody (e.g.,
front, rear, and one point in between such as a seat mount brace or
rocker box brace).
I remember my last MM SFC's had 4 mounting points, including the seat brace. Are those SFC's not legal in CSP anymore? Leave out the seat brace, not weld the middle tabs?
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