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After one trip to the track with my current combo my best time was a [email protected] I think it has more in it because I've led myself to believe I had alot of things working against me that day at the track. So here are my excuses why my car wasn't faster:

1)Strong headwind, maybe 20-25mph???
2)Spun balancer so no timing changes
3)Timing stayed at 16
4)26x9 Hoosier slicks were showing cords, spun all of first gear and a little bit in second
5)Minimal changes to fuel pressure, but did find 3 mph with a few changes here and there
6)3400 lbs. with me in it
7)No shiftlight, went off the stock tach
8)I kind of powershifted, but lifted throttle about halfway each shift
9)17" front wheels with 245/45 tires

Okay, now some things that probably helped:
1)short belt
2)ram air
3)1.70 60' time
4)Fast shifts
5)Track prep and quality is very good

So how much quicker can it go do you think? I realize this is hypothetical, but it was my first trip to the track and I realize with tuning and track time comes faster ET's, so let's hear it!
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