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Greetings fellas,

I am looking at adding boost to keep up with my brothers Twin Turbo 2016 GT.

My setup is the following:

363 SBF
Custom Cam from FTI
TFS 190 11r street port
TFS Box R manifold
90mm throttle body
47lb injectors
Long tubes to 3" high flow cats
Borla straight through mufflers
Moates Quarter Horse tuner

Right now it spins to 7k RPM as a motor car. Don't know HP as it's never been on a dyno, but it pulls pretty good.

The car weighs 3380 with a full tank of fuel, so with me as the driver, the car weighs 3570. She's a pig.

I have stock rails and lines, so I know I will need a greater supply of fuel-including injectors.

It's got full accessories minus the smog pump and I want it to stay that way.

Houston is hot. Not getting rid of my AC.

I want an intercooled setup but there is basically only ONE. The procharger setup.

The problems I have are:

I want to make sure the size of the blower is enough to fill the extra cubes of the 363

I have a fox throttle body conversion and AFM power pipe.

Does anyone have recommendations on a vendor that can piece something like this together?

Thanks in advance!
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