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Background on the car: 1987 fox body 351 carbureted originally had a t5 manual.

I pulled the motor and transmission about 3 years ago for a rebuild and turbo kit. Wife got pregnant so project got put on hold. I now have the motor rebuilt with a 76mm turbo kit along with a new C4 automatic to swap for the t5.

Before putting the motor and trans back in the car, I figured I would check all of the electrical. Plugged everything back onto the starter solenoid, turned the ignition and the starter didn't do anything. All of the lights work, the radio works, everything is working except the starter. I figured I'd go ahead and change the starter solenoid. That did not work. Still nothing from the starter. I had planned on upgrading the starter with a higher torque starter, so I went ahead and purchased a Powermaster Ultra Torque starter. Hooked the new starter up and nothing. I am at a loss. I even cut the neutral safety switch and jumped the two wires. Thinking maybe the neutral safety switch was bad.

Any ideas?

The picture attached is how I have the starter wired.

I have an MSD 6AL. Could a bad MSD cause this?


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