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Well... I drove my ride over to Rolla, MO this past weekend for a little car show. Pulled into a p. lot where a 96 cobra was sitting.. I pulled up to him just to chat about our 96's.. Come to find out he just got the car back from SHM in Canada.. They installed cams, PP heads, Intake, Full Exhaust.. Anyways.. he starts the car up and I pretty much started drooling instantly.

The thing was his car was pretty quiet.. though the cams were loping just perfectly.. I doubt they were the extreme lift cams.. it didn't have trouble staying idle without a chip.. he showed me dyno slips from pre swap and post swap..

pre mod slips were at 280 to the wheels NA
post... slips were at 360 to the wheels NA.. It had some balls.. oh yeah and 4.56's.. Said he ran the Gtech.. (innaccurate piece) and spun with a 12.60 1/4! Just letting you guys know.. it was bad!
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