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I already know the story behind them....

But I purchased a Turbo kit that I believe was designed by them or the guy who used to run the company based on info i found on the internet and was curious if anyone had any info or pictures of there kits.

Here is a picture i found of what it consists off:

Here is a list I found off off ALLFORMUSTANGS.COM from Velocity Turbo (Stephens) profile:

Mustang Rides
1991 Mustang GT
Paint-Dark Shadow Grey
Wheels-99 cobra
Motor-stock 302 with 93 cobra Intake
P/A-Velocity Turbo Systems single turbo kit
16ga Kooks Private Labeled stainless turbo system(all Pipe components)
Turbonetics 67mm T-4 with 88mm chasis and a .96 A/R
Dual 50mm Polished BOV's
Dual 38mm Polished Wg's
Electric Boost controller, turbo timer, NO2 controller and CO2 controller
JETHOT 1750 Coating on whole system
Griffin Private Labeled I.C. Designed By Velocity
Velocity I.C. Ram Box
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