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Liquidating the crap I have sitting around my garage. I went thru a couple different suspension setups figuring out my setup. These are the parts supplanted after I swapped to an MM coilover kit for the whole car.

H&R Super Sport front springs. Not cut. Wrapped them in electrical tape to get rid of the isolators. $75

*pic to be added*

H&R Sport rear springs for a 99-04 Cobra IRS unit. Very clean. Have moderate use. $75

03-04 Cobra Coupe rear IRS Bilsteins. Clean and good working order. No leaks. Would be good ones to cut for the coil over conversion/install with the sports. $75

LMR SVE Caster camber plates for an 90-93 foxbody. About 600 miles of use. $75

The prices do not include shipping. Please be reasonable with our offer. If you're close, I'm willing to trade for other mustang/fox parts.


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