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Hi all-

2001 Mustang V6
I have a crazy wiper issue, and have done a lot of research on the forums, and believe my problem is the Wiper Control Module. I have read that these can be blown by a bad ground, and I see evidence that a previous owner suspected ground issues (Non stock wires ran from battery)

Before I replace the $110 module, Id like to verily grounds.
A Wiper wiring diagram I found online said to see another page for grounds. Does anyone have a diagram that would show the physical location of the grounds?

Why I think its the module:
Motor doesnt spin
Fuse 26 good
Jump battery to motor leads it spins
12V to white wire on motor connecter with wiper on high
12V to the second wire with wipers on low
Verified continuitu to battery ground from black wire

Plug the connector into the motor, and backprobe the wires, I no longer see 12V on the High and low wires as when the connector is disconnected.

Does it sound like Im on the right track?
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