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Greetings - just found this forum and there's a lot of great info. Two days ago I bought my first Mustang - a '99 Cobra convertible. It's got 34,000 miles, red with tan top / interior, and is in outstanding condition. Paid $ 20,500.00 from a local Ford dealer - seemed reasonable. It's had the knuckle and engine mods done, and the parking brake.

I've owned some pretty fast cars in the past, mostly Chevys, although I recently sold my 427 Cobra replica that had a 428 CJ motor. Anyway, this Mustang is not terribly fast. How do these DOHC motors do with the standard mods like headers, exhaust, chips, pulleys, etc? I'd like to keep it naturally aspirated. And will the trans / rear stand up to these mods?

This will be a street only car that I'd just like to make get to the next stoplight faster. Thanks for any and all advice!

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