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This might be an isolated case, but I figure some of you who currently autocross or track a stock suspension foxbody might need to know.

This weekend while removing the suspension from a '89 5.0 Convertible I noticed one spring was shorter than the other by at least one spring loop. At first I though someone installed an after market spring or Ford was counterbalancing weight of a fat guy.

Well on closer inspection of the lower control arm I notice the lower part of the spring snapped and embedded itself into the lower control arm pocket. :confused: Then I looked closer measuring realized that it snapped above the pocket by 1.5 rungs or loops. It was a broken break like you would break a branch, not sheared flat. What was scary was too think if the suspension ever unloads enough that the spring could exit stage right. Even more scary sitting here typing is when I lowered the control arm it could of really gave me an eye opener.

I am not saying every car will have this problem, but if you are still running a stock suspension and never had suspension undone I would definitely take a closer inspection. After removing more suspension parts and hardware need to be replaced. The upper shock mount rubbers were toast too.
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