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Brand new and still on the pallet from Drivetrain Specialties (DTS).....fully built S197 8.8 rear end. Still has the metal strapping attached.

New 8.8 housing from Ford, freshly painted black
Narrowed 1" per side
ARP Cap Studs
9" housing ends
33 spline Strange Engineering axles (legal for 10.99 and quicker) with 3" studs
33 spline spool
3.90 cryogenically treated ring & pinion
DTS girdle cover

Some questions that you may have:

YES you can run your stock brakes.
NO it does not have ABS rings but it's easy to put them on.
YES it has a SPOOL.
YES you can drive a spool on the street if you have at least half a working brain.
NO I don't have the original invoice from DTS.
YES I have the original buyers name and address so DTS can find the information from that.

$1500 shipped

I am also open to trades or trades + cash. I am looking for the following items:

New FRPP BOSS50 block
New Forged Pistons: dished or flat tops - Manley or CP
New Forged H-Beams: Manley, Eagle, Scat
Forged cranks: stock stroke Cobra or aftermarket - strokers
Wheels: Bogart/Holeshot/Race Stars
Aluminum 3V blocks: new or used in good shape

And will listen to other offers.

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
Not open for further replies.