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I have a set of 4 10-hole rims for sale. These rims actually came off of a 1993 LX 4-cylinder. They are the same rims used on the 85-86 GTs. They are in excellent condition with no damage at all.

The tires are included as well. They are the factory General XP2000 tires with at least 90% tread.

The rims and tires have about 3,000 miles on them. They were switched out for pony wheels when the car was new.

Also, included is a full size spare for a four-lug Mustang.

These are perfect for a resporation project on a 85-86 GT. I was going to do that, but my interests have changed and now they must go.

I am asking $225. I would prefer to have them picked up or I can meet halfway.

Thanks for looking!

Ooops! Forgot to add where I was located. I am in Burlington County, NJ.
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