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What is your name? : Matt Brenner
What is your email? : [email protected]
What is your phone number? : 414 2413312 ask for matt
What is your City? : Milwaukee
What is your State? : WI
What is your Zipcode? : 53222

Ad Description:

weigh 18 lbs a peice rougly. All 4 are 18x9.5 Limited 2006 edition, for those who missed out on them.

I ordered mine from MVP awhile ago, but I only put half down, and with the new lower paying job I have I can't really afford them anymore. So basically who ever sends me what I payed and the remainder gets em. I can have MVP ship them directly to you.

I don't have pictures of them since they aren't in my possession, but heres what they look like:

Total shipped would be ( actually not sure if this is including shipping not sure ) :

PM me, we can work something out, if you need to talk it over with someone from MVP we can do that too.

Actually EMAIL me: [email protected]
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