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SOLD. Black Powdercoated Saleen 20x9s

well, some of you have expressed interest in these in the past, so now's your chance!!! they're too bulky for my purposes despite the fact that i think they are the best looking newer mustang wheels i've seen. i'm going the smaller diameter and lighter weight route for tracking the car and autocrosses.

wheel details:
20 x 9 saleen replicas [i chose to go with four 9 inch wheels so i could rotate front to back and get more life from the tires]
flat/satin black powdercoated by East Coast Powdercoating in North East, MD.
these things nearly never have to be cleaned. in fact, a little layer of brake dust makes them look even meaner!!! but don't worry, i keep the car covered and these are in 99.9% perfect condition.

tire details:
Dunlop SP Sport 8000 265/35 ZR 20, treadwear 200
good for another 10-15,000 miles depending on use. they have about 6,000 miles on them, including 20 minutes at Summit Point and 3 autocrosses. although not a cutting edge tire, these are impressive. check them out at tire rack or

***tires can be dismounted and wheels sold separately for about $40 extra

email me with offers and your zip for shipping purposes. local purchase/pickup preferred but not required.
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