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CG Fabrication mild steel (4V) single turbo hotside T4 flange that has been ceramic coated inside and out ( Except the starter downpipe) This is Caleb's A/C delete style hotside that he sells. It will come with two merge pipes with different wastegate mounting options. The hotside has been bolted on my project car but never saw exhaust due to a back injury I had at work the car had to sit for awhile and I have since made the decision to move over to a twin turbo once funds allow . It will have some blemishes/scratches in the coating from installing/uninstalling the kit on the car. will also come with all necessary v-band clamps plus a few extras I had laying around . Does not come with a wastegate. Posted pics below plus a picture from CG fabrications website showing options.

Also including a brand new VS Racing Billet 78/75 journal bearing turbo. 3" v-band exit .96A/R exhaust housing . Was only used for mock up on the hotside listed above.Compressor housing was painted Hi temp satin black.

Coldside: SOLD !!

I posted this over on SVTP forum as well hints the piece of paper in the photos

Price with shipping being paid by me to the upper 48 states only
and paypal as a gift or else buyer has to pay paypal fees!

$1,500.00 (Shipped)



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