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The car is an '86 Ex-DPS AZ coupe in unbelievable original shape. This car spent its whole life in AZ before being sold at government auction to the previous owner in 2002 or so. It is 100% rust free and accident free, the core support, frame rails, bumpers, etc are all PERFECT. The bottoms of the doors, trunklid, etc are PERFECT. It has to be one of the cleanest 86 SSP cars left. Both buck tags are there, one stating "DSO 75-0082 ARIZONA, special service pkg". As best I can tell, after being an AZ car Prescott AZ bought the car and turned it into a DARE car. As a dare car it was painted black, and the blue interior was dyed black and is still that way. They added a feature car rear spoiler, but did little else. The spotlight it still attached (even has a ford oval symbol above the unity script, really neat), the hole in the roof has a plug in it, the antenna base is still attached to the trunk with the cable, and of course the SSP speedo is still intact, nothing has ever been modified. There are still 'prescott AZ interrogation' cards in the door pocket, as well as various police related items in the glove box.

Mechanically the car drives like it's almost new, the suspension is very tight; it's obvious the car has been very well maintained. The brakes have good pressure but might need pads up front. The motor runs strong but the AOD trans in the car short-shifts (seems to be a common issue with these) so that might need to be looked at, probably an issue with the kickdown cable. Since purchasing I had the A/C recharged, it blows very cold (I drive the car 50 miles a day, and the A/C has been a must in this heat). I also had stainless tips put back on the car, original 2.25" units in nice shape. These pictures were taken around 2 weeks ago before I did that. Lastly there was an issue with the ignition switch in the column that I fixed. The car is located in Austin, TX and the price is $5000. You will not find a nicer '86 SSP for that money, much less one this solid, in such complete/unmodified form. This car is one of 20 units used in '86 by the AZ DPS department, and it's the only one I've seen/heard of. If I can't sell it I'll just hold onto it for a while and have it repainted and start to get it back to AZ specs as I planned.

$5000 in Austin, TX. Post here, PM me, or call with any questions: Chris (512-983-6184) or [email protected]

Ford symbol on the unity spotlight, very cool:

Hole in roof as well as wear marks from the lightbar:

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