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I am getting ready to go back to school and have put off my fox vert issues long enough.

Other than subframe connectors, my suspension in stock.

1st problem is the alignment issue. I have some cc plates on the way but, I am wondering if maybe the stock springs could be causing issues as well.

The last time I put a set of Monroes put on the front, my struts were completely done on the front. The car sat bottomed out for a while before I got it going. Should I look at the springs as well? Or just adjust accordingly with the cc plates?

2. What is a good rear suspension set-up for a daily. I may go to the track once.

Reason I ask, my car is like 250 - 300rwhp in second gear and closer to 450 -500 in third. I can make it hook in second but, I am worried about aggregate wear.

Most likely I will be doing the tq box reinforcement regardless. Just to be safe.
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