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These parts are off of my car as part of a MM Max Grip install. I just want to give them a chance to have a new life somewhere before I get rid of them. Some are OEM and some are aftermarket. All of it is free to any taker that can come pick it up in San Diego (I'd prefer not to ship). I'll remove any items as they are actually picked up.

1. OEM Cobra strut tower brace.
2. MM Caster Camber plates (were on the car for several years but had no issues). Clean up and repaint would make them nice. - NO LONGER AVAILABLE
3. 2" Lowering springs (I believe Mac). They were on the car for years, and are quite stiff, but no issues.
4. Koni Adjustable shocks / struts. No issues that I am aware of. Probably could use some paint. - NO LONGER AVAILABLE
5. OEM k-member / front control arms.
6. OEM LCAs (probably need new rubber).
7. OEM rear sway bar. - NO LONGER AVAILABLE

I'm sure someone will want at least some of these parts. I'll hang onto them or a month or so before I get sick of looking at them then I'll dump what remains. See attached pics if interested.


1 - 8 of 8 Posts