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Okay I'm posting here because oklahoma deadhorse has become retarded. You can't post in the classifieds unless become a dedicated computer forum poster. Anyways

The car is an 86 coupe. It is mostly apart, but I have most of the parts to put it together. I have most interior including 87-93 dash, quarter trim, and rear seat. I will need a drivers side door, I threw it away because of rust. I still have all the insides though. The Bumpers have been stripped and ready for MINOR repair and paint. I took the car completely apart to change the color and to build a race car but now my plans have changed. It has 6 points of a 10 point cage fitted and tacked in, Ford Racing subframe connectors with cage tied into them. Body is in pretty decent shape for being 20 years old. There is a minor spot of rust in the floor pan but shouldn't make a difference after front plate of the roll cage covers it. NO TITLE, but you could get one for it.

Parts- Everything new unless noted

Torque Box Reinforcement plates for Upper and Lower Torque boxes

D & D adjustable upper control arms

Spherical Bushing for Rearend

D & D Solid Lower Control Arms

Competition Engineering Anti-Roll bar

8.8 Rearend End Housing (used)

UPR Tubular K-member (barely used)

UPR Tubular Control Arms (barely used)

1 Coil-Over and Lakewood 90-10 strut assy. (used)

460 Bare Block D1VE (used)

Powerglide case with bellhousing cut off for Ultra Bell (used)

Everything is a pretty good start to a nice car just needs some TLC and I really don't have time for it and have decided against trying to juggle family, work, and racing. I will take $1000 for everything. Or $600 without tubular K-member stuff. email me for questions [email protected] thanks
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