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I had a great time hooning around with a friend of mine with Arizona Motorsports Park track pretty much to ourselves at a PCA event last saturday. He's a competitive racer in NASA's TTC class, I'm just a longtime HPDE guy.

Two very different Mustangs, very evenly matched.

My car is a '92 LX with a full interior that compensates for a narrow track and puny 235-width R-comp tires this time with a torque arm, panhard bar, K-member, front coilovers, and Cobra brakes.

His car is a '99 GT whose wider track and much wider 275-width R-comps are saddled with a stock K-member, stock rear suspension, and GT brakes.

My car: 3450 lbs wet with me in it, 275 RWHP/298 RWTQ on a portable dynojet
His car: 3450 lbs wet with him in it, 290/290 on the same or similar dynojet, in this case of these videos, carrying a fairly small passenger

My best time so far that day, simply could not do any better, was a 1:57.2. I wasn't running my timer this session but looking at the videos, it looks like we motivated each other well into the 1:55's. I guess a little competition helps LOL

It may not look/sound like it but we're whipping these things for all they're worth.

His video:

My video (sorry for the ####ty sound on my ching-chong Go-Pro knockoff):

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Nice videos. Would love to have a track for just me and my friends.
I wouldn't.....I love to use the track when it's got a bunch of similar cars!!!!

Good driving guys. Lines are clean with few hiccups. Seems you got caught looking in the mirror a couple times when he got close. What's the top speed at that track? You both avoid using 5th gear (as do I) so the speeds are low 100's or you're running a 3.27/3.31/3.55.

(At my 2 main tracks we hit 135 and 140 but I avoid 5th by running a 3.27 near the rev limiter in 4th)
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