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I know some of the ysi blower guys go with a foxbody (pulley spacing,etc) drivers side mount on sn95's,and it appears to fit nicely

and I know this topic has been asked about before,but is there anyone on here that has done it,on a typical passenger side vortech/Paxton setup? run a foxbody style kit on a sn95?

I have a foxbody Paxton 2000 system that I am looking at for a killer deal..since the sn95 brackets are not made anymore,and finding a 94/95 2000 kit is really hard,i was wondering if it would work?

hood clearance,etc? I have the fox cover and water pump,and the drivers side brackets (not sure if I am going to even run a/c or ps)

and I have a tubular k member,that will allow me to set the motor back 1",which I will be doing anyway

so, just asking if anyone has actually done this setup..and how it worked out for them ,hood and radiator clearance...thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts