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SOLDI’ve decided to sell the CJ intake I used with my 5.4 DOHC. Please note there are a few modifications. There are three hose inlets that have been swapped to 6AN fittings. All the fittings have been JB welded to the intake. There is also a 3/8 NPT hole under the intake directly behind the TB which I used for a IAT sensor. The mounting flanges (head) were massaged on the outside to clear the heads, and right behind the #4 Injector I checked to see if the Intake could be clearance’d for a set of Holley injectors (it couldn’t). The bolts will only go in the head about a 1/2 inch since they were used with intake adapters. All the bolts, gaskets and harness is included. SOLD

$600 shipped for the intake

Thanks Mike


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