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Well, I need to move on. As much as I want to keep this car it is really pulling my time from my family and my race car. This was just suppose to be a driver. Fact is these cars are too much fun. I could make it into a project all on it's own. I am putting a starting price at $6500 / OBO. You will see by the list of goodies on the car. The ONLY thing the car is lacking is a fresh paint job and the drivers seat needs the outside bolster restitched.

- .030 New Forged Pistons
- Balanced rotating assembly
- Ranger Roller cam
- Racer Walsh adjustable round tooth cam sprocket set
- New oil pump
- Evergreen Turbo Co. T3/T4 Hybrid Turbo
- Turbo Coupe intercooler w/ Bypass
- Spec stage 2 Clutch and pressure plate
- New Water pump

Fuel System:
- Kirbin Adjustable Regulator
- Walbro 255lph intank fuel pump
- Rail mounted fuel pressure guage

- 3" Downpipe
- 3" pipe to 2 1/2" Y-pipe
- 2 Magnaflow mufflers
- Mac 2 1/2" Chrome tailpipes

Brakes & Suspension:
- New Brake Pads
- New rotors
- New calipers
- Motorsport "B" Springs
- New Koni Adjustable Shocks & Struts
- New Poly spring isolators
- New Poly sway bar bushings

- A/C Blows cold (Recently fixed and charged 6 months ago)
- Heater core replaced
- Newly installed 3G 130 Amp Alternator
- New Battery and Cables
- Serpentine belt conversion
- Adjustable boost control valve
- Extra upper bi-wing included
- Extra Dash pad included
- Boxes of extra SVO parts included
- All SVO specific parts included

Great on gas. 26-28 MPG on the highway.

Too many things done to remember. If you have any questions about the car feel free to ask. You can PM me here or call:
(904)233-6812 (Cell)
(904)771-6909 (Home)


391 Posts
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S O L D !!!!! Well the SVO is at it's new home in Tyler, Tx. signed, sealed and delivered Saturday. Time to find a daily driver that requires low maint so I can focus back on the race car and get things together to mini tub it and put some drop spindles on the front.
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