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When using the dual table mode with a flex fuel sensor (MS PRO) is there a way to tell which VE table (VE1 or VE3) is being read from based on the fuel the sensor is reading?

I'm going to try and get the 87oct VE table done this year so the flex fuel system is fully operational but it seems that when the tuner was trying to get the system working last year we couldn't get the table switching working correctly and we couldn't tell which table was being read when only had E85 in the tank. It seems that he had to deactivate something in order to get the car to run right on E85, ie it wasn't reading from the correct E85 table.

Does it make a difference which table (VE1 or VE3) is used for the E85 tune?

The sensor is operational and reading properly so no problem there.

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