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Well this is proof a fast car can run a slow time with a bad driver.
I have alot to learn in the mod world..........more to learn at
the track.

First pass

reaction 1.23
60' 2.32
330' 6.66
1/8 10.10
MPH 72.13

Second pass

reaction 1.21
60' 2.26
330' 6.37
1/8 9.73
MPH 74.31

Third and last pass

reaction 1.13
60' 2.13
330' 6.19
1/8 9.52
MPH 75.03

The car is much stronger than the times show....on the streets
it does great. I did stomp a 2002 LS1 TA at the track he was
greener than me he put the TA in reverse at the tree and
went backward. I must admit it was a rush leaving the tree
going forward when he went backward it looked like I was
shot out of a cannon. I need a ton more seat time at the track

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man, your 1/8 times are really bad. when i first went i was in the 9.2 and that was running 14.4's in the 1/4 you must be around 15's. when in got my 1/8 down to 9.0 is when i ran a 14.008. you really have to shift high to get speed out of the cobra's!
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