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Hey all, I just recently purchased a 2011 Mustang GT and really love it. I'm just not crazy about the stock suspension. It needs to be lower and handle better.

With my last car, a 2002 Z28, I lowered it with springs and got exactly the look and feel I wanted. I was lucky though that I was able to accomplish that with essentially a shot in the dark at some eibach springs. This time around I'd like to know I can tweak my ride height and quality to my hearts content.

A couple questions though. I tried searching and couldn't get any solid answers, so I figure I'll just ask them.

1. Who is generally considered to have the best coilovers for these late model mustangs?

2. I need a set that doesn't require drilling...straight bolt on. I'm not interested in hacking up my car.

3. Similarly, they need to be easily adjustable.

4. Lastly, I would prefer a set who's preload is not affected by rideheight.

If this sounds like a product you know of, or can make recommendations, I'd love to hear em.

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