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So after looking and drooling for a number of years I finally bit the bullet and bought my own foxbody. I found a 1983 coupe. Originally a V6 per the VIN, but someone dropped in a 302 that is from the 1960's or 70's. Haven't been able to find the casting numbers yet.

So this beautiful piece of work has a solid frame and body. One or two small dents, trunk lid will need to be replaced. Windshield is cracked. The engine had a miss in it. Exhaust leak on the driver's side. Interior looks like a scene from a redneck horror movie. You get the picture, a car with "potential." :grin2:

I replaced the plugs and plugs wires, new distributor cap. Got the miss fixed! Now she runs a little better.

Got new headers to replace the cracked one causing the exhaust leak. Got new carpet for the interior, will need new door panel backing. Found an 8.8 rear end out of an '89. New windshield will be picked up this weekend. Got a set of welds to put on once I can afford tires.

I must say, I'm exceptionally excited!


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