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First Annual Summer Jam Mustang Shootout

Street Jam Racing is pleased to announce the First Annual Summer Jam Mustang Shootout at Old Dominion Speedway (ODS) in Manassas, Virginia, on Saturday, July 25, 2009. The gates open at 9:30 AM, time trials start at 10 AM. “ODS” provides an easily accessed facility in Northern Virginia, complete with concessions, sponsor space, and nearby hotels.

The event will feature any Ford Mustang with a Ford power plant. There will be six index, side-by-side race classes for naturally aspirated cars, and six additional classes for cars using power adders. The facility will manage a Sportsman ladder and racers will face a .5 Full Tree, half second indexes, and no breakout rules in effect. The overall emphasis is on street cars you can live with and drive every day, so all cars must be tagged and registered, and cannot be gutted. Winners in each class will receive trophies.
The Following Classes have been developed:

NA Classes

Street Sleeper - 9.5 and slower
Pure Street - 9.49 to 9.00
Street - 8.99 to 8.50
Modified Street - 8.49 to 8.00
Super Street - 7.99 to 7.50
Street Eliminator - 7.49 and faster

Power Adder Classes

Street Renegade - 8.5 and slower
Street Hoodlum - 8.49 to 8.00
Street Sheriff - 7.99 to 7.50
Street Bandit - 7.49 to 7.00
Wild Street - 6.99 to 6.50
Street Outlaw - 6.49 and faster

Event rules, current class descriptions and as well as full registration information can be found on our website using the "Event Detail" navigation button or visiting our forum.

Participant Entry = $35 pre-paid (credit or debit) / $45 at the gates (Cash Only)
Spectators = $5 at the gate (cash only)
Children 11 and Younger = $FREE
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