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A little background... I have drag raced my '95GT 'vert for years, and for years my buddies have told me to try out autocrossing. In the fall of 2007 I took my '95 to the final event of the year for the central PA region. Over the winter I decided I wanted to continue to autocross but the mods I had done to my '95 were not conducive to autocross so I picked up an SVT focus as a daily driver/weekend autocrosser. I left it stock save for a set of Euro wheels wrapped in Dunlop Direzza star specs. I had a great year and did well locally. I hadn't attended enough events during the fall series to be in the points running so I decided to take the stang out again for the last event of 2008. Well, although the focus was a fairly capable car around the cones, it just wasn't anywhere near as much fun as the mustang. So I started looking for another mustang to use a nice day driver/weekend autocross project.

I picked up a 100% stock, 154K mile '94 Cobra. I planned to keep it stock, add a set of V710's and run for fun in F stock... it would have had to have been for fun as Sam Strano runs in our region! :) I then came across an unbelievable deal on a bunch of used MM parts from a local guy converting to a Grigg's world challenge rear/SLA front setup. Knowing that a lot of the 154K mile stuff needed to be replaced anyway I made the decision to buy these parts and bump up to CP. I don't have any pipe dreams of building or being a nationally competitive car/driver, I just wanted a car that I could afford to build, drive, develop my skills, and just enjoy. Placing in a few local events wouldn't hurt though. :) Anyway, before the 1st event I decided to replace the motor mounts/trans mount and I broke a bolt off in the block which resulted in pulling the engine and while it was out I couldn't leave it stock so I worked a little on it too. I didn't get the car put back together until this past week which was just in time to make it out to the 4th local event.

Here's my current setup:

-MM 4 bolt CC plates with the following specs: 4.8* caster, 1.6* camber, zero toe
-Koni sport single adjustable struts
-MM front coil-over kit with 10" 425lb springs
-urethane rack bushings
-MM HD torque arm
-MM full length subframe connectors
-MM panhard bar
-MM adjustable rear sway bar
-MM road race LCA's
-MM/Bilstein rear shocks with 8" 325lb coil-over springs
-17X9 Anniversary cobra wheels with 275 Kuhmo V710 tires

Engine mods include:
-AFR 165 60cc heads
-home ported cobra intake
-1.7 cobra pedestal rockers
-new lunati timing chain
-Morpheus power pipe
-65mm TB
-FMS shorty headers
-Bassani offroad X pipe
-Summit cat back with magnaflow mufflers
-pro 5.0 shifter
-Mallory FPR
-255lph high pressure Walbro fuel pump

Here's a few pics from this weekend's autocross.

All I can say is I have to completely re-learn how to drive this car as it couldn't be more different than any mustang I have driven/owned over the last 15 years. I ran with the rear sway bar set on its softest setting and the front Koni's on full stiff. The car was very neutral on 90% of the course but it pushed hard in one of the last tight corners. If anyone has any suggestions on anything on the car let me know. This is the first mustang I've ever had that actually handles so I'll be the first to admit that I'm as much of a newbie as there is when it comes to setting the car up, but once I get into something I become as knowledgeable as possible about it. I've done a ton of reading here and on CC prior to even buying the car, but I know I haven't scratched the surface yet on what I need to know. Right now I think I'm done modding the car for the year as the driver needs more work now. :)
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