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Hello All,

I have been visiting the forums for a few years now but have finally decided to introduce myself.

I am living in the Beaufort, SC area now but my poor Mustang is in Jacksonville, FL parked in a family members garage. I would love to have it here with me but lack a garage or place to keep the car.

I currently have a 2000 Mustang GT that is pretty much on it's last leg. I purchased it a few years ago trying to back into wrenching on a car again. It was in about the same neglected shape when I bought it. I have finally decided to start getting to work on it.

I had another Mustang years ago (89 notch back) and had lots of fun with it. Lots of bolt-on stuff and a NO2 kit.

So, just here to look for ideas, parts, and maybe folks in the area to chat with and get info on where to buy good parts and such.

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