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Ok heres the setup

302 stock bottom end
gt40 iron heads shaved to 54 cc chambers
12.5:1 comp
Vic jr intake
750 holley
.595 ish lift cam with 290ish deg dur.
5 spd
28x10 et drag
410 gear

I have an edelbrock plate sys for the car, says it is adj to 250 hp
I also have a seperate fuel system in the car for the nitrous sys Fed by a holley blue w/ reg.

Car weighs about 28-2900, maybe 3000 with me in it.

I havent run the car yet so..

1. what do you think it will run on motor

2. I would like to get this thing into the 10's on bottle, is it poss with this setup and what should I jet the kit too?

3. Any sugg where this combo can be improved, (other that the heads, thats next)

4. What would you sugg for fuel for this this thing. I know pump gas is out of the question on the bottle but what about a mix of race gas and pump gas on the street?

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