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Getting ready to start the install and Just need a few Answers if you can help.

Picture of my Hot Side....

1) Whats the Best Way to Coat them and least expensive:

Parts store Paint?
Order some type of High heat paint from Eastwood?
Cermic Coating?
Powder Coating?

I perfer to have them Black.

2) Gaskets?

Where to get gasket for Turbo to Header Flange? t-4

Whats the part Number or best header Gaskets?

Use RTV sealent? on them?

3) Seen One guy who didn't run a Blow off vale? reccomened?

4) Bolts for Turbo Mount to header Flange.... Just hardware store? Any Grade?

5) 02 Sensor bungs? Run them or not? Will not be able to get a tune for awhile?

6) Boost Controller? Cheapest/best One for under $75

7) do I have to remove the Front Sway bar

Thanks for your time. Rob

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You could use black header wrap. It would prolly be the least expensive coatings can be expensive and most paints dont do well with the HIGH heat.

summit racing is where I got my T-4 flange gasket. Im only 20 mins away so its my "local" parts store lol. For the headers I just used RTV . the copper stuff is what most seem to run. works great.

I didnt run a BOV for almost a year but I have one now. they are cheap on ebay, prolly NOT worth not running one to save $50

The turbo to header bolts?? I used Stainless. They are strong and look nice. I would go with atleast grade 8.

You are going to NEED o2s hooked up and working unless you have a chip/tune with the o2s turned off. Without them it will NOT run correctly with no tune.

I made my own boostcontroller for like $15 at the hardware store. I have a link somewhere of the write up on how to make your own. I will look for it or just PM me.

Not sure on the sway bar. depends on IF the headers were made to keep it or not. mine is still there.
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