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05 Aluminum block .20 over
Manley .20 Over Pistons
Manley Rods
Cobra Forged Crank
Rotating Assembly Balanced
MMR Oil Pump
ARP Main Studs ARP Head Studs
Comp Cams Valve Springs COMP-26113-24
Valve Job When Motor Was Built
Phaser Limiters
Charge Motion IMRC Delete / Stock IMRC Plates
Stock 3v Oil Pan, Valve Covers, Timing Cover, Manifolds, Water Pump ETC..

10K Miles

05-10 Mustang GT Single Turbo System - 350 to 850 HP

76MM Upgrade
Blow Off Valve Upgrade
Halman Boost Controler
IAT Moved To Intake Tube

Fuel System.

GT500 Hanger with -8 Fitting Tig Welded To Top
Dual FPDM's
Dual GT Super Car Pumps
-8 Line w/ Fittings
MMR Fuel Rails
60LB Injectors

This is all coming out of a customers car that we are doing a coyote swap on.. so all the 3v stuff goes. Willing to sell it all together for an AWESOME price . If it comes down to it we are willing to split up.. Heads, Turbo Kit, Long Block, Short Block etc.. etc.. Before this motor was built the car made 450rwhp after the motor was built it made over 600rwhp.

Email [email protected]
Call Matt 805 895 5028


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How much would you sell just to built shortblock for/ I have an 05 mustang. I am planning for 700 rear wheel horsepower with a saleen supercharger

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How much for the turbo setup? How many miles on the motor?

Looking to get 4500ish for the turbo stuff. When the motor was built 10k miles ago the turbo was sent back to turbonetics to have them go through it. They said everything was good and sent it back. The turbo literally has NO shaft play at all. We have the original turbo box and all of the original paper work for everything including the installation manual. The only thing that I can see some one needing to get is a new "reamer thingy" and fitting for the oil pan. That is usually standard though when buying a used supercharger or turbo. If some one wanted to buy the turbo and the short block we would also include the oil pan that already has the -10 oil drain-back fitting.
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