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I am selling my Mustang, I do not have the time to finish the car the way I want to due to my new job and school schedule. The car runs strong, sounds great and is very tight. Below is a list of all the car has on it/done to it. Also an extra hatch(no wing, side skirts(not warped), GT rear bumper and extra sun roof come with the car. Like I said I just dont have the time to get the car finished the way I want it. I am asking $4000 obo with stereo in car/ without stereo I am asking $3700 obo. I will entertain trades as well.

Can email pics of car.


1987 Mustang GT
• 1989 5.0 H.O. motor with MASS air conversion, computer and harness.
• Trick Flow Street Heat upper and lower intake(black powder coat)
• ASP under drive pulleys( alt., crank, water pump)
• ASP smog pump delete
• EGR delete( billet block off plate, delete kit is plugged into ECU)
• Mallory billet adjustable fuel regulator.
• Trick Flow timing chain and billet timing chain gears.
• Taylor 8MM Spiro-Pro spark plug wires.
• Motorsport Plugs Black
• Ford Racing Harmonic Balancer
• NTK O2 sensors.
• All emissions hardware (except TAB sensors) has been removed. Still have it if needed.
• Convertible motor mounts.
• Timing advanced to 14 degrees.
• New OEM aluminum radiator.
• MAC equal length shorty headers
• BBK X-pipe (cat delete)
• Dynomax super turbo mufflers w/ dumps.
• World Class T-5 with Hurst shift handle
• SPEC Stage 2 clutch kit
• Ford Racing Aluminum driveshaft
• 3.55 gears
• One year old Ford Racing Trac-Lok rebuild kit
• Steeda clutch cable.
• Aluminum clutch quadrant and aluminum firewall clutch cable adjuster
• Synthetic gear lube
• Energy suspension transmission mount (black poly urethane)
• Proper speedometer cable gear in transmission for 3.55 rear end
• 1997 GT split 5 spoke wheels w/ metal center caps (wheels are silver)
• 245/45/17Z Fusion ZRi tires all around.
• 1996 Master Cylinder
• 2000 GT PBR dual piston Calipers
• 1996 GT spindles ( with properly machined spacers and mounting plates)
• SSBC steel braided brake lines (front)
• Polyurethane sway bar bushings.
• MOOG end links with polyurethane bushings.
• Steeda G-Trac bar
• New Walbro 255 lph in-tank fuel pump
• New OEM fuel filter
• Tank was dropped, drained and cleaned. Tank was and is 100% rust free and trash free.
• Runs on 93 Octane
• Injectors were cleaned and pintle caps replaced beginning of 2008

• Two tone paint job. Regatta Blue top with silver bottom (factory)
• New GT nose piece (white)
• Stock hood (white)
• LX taillights
• Headlights are clear and not yellowed.
• Gray upholstery and carpet
• Black and gray dash and center console with working ash tray lid.
• Alpine CD player w/ removable face plate. CD player is iPod ready with iPod hook up cable to play directly through head unit. (will be removed if buyer opts not to pay for it)
• 03 Cobra shift knob
• Hatch release and Gas tank release buttons work fine.
• Cruise control,
• Power windows and power locks
• 140 mph speedometer with BBK white face gauges
• A-pillar gauge mount( can hold two gauges)
• moonroof (does not leak) ( have extra moonroof that goes with car)
• Alpine speakers in door
• Pioneer dash speakers
• Stock hatch cover (gray, works perfect)
• Aluminum racing pedals installed on gas, brake and clutch pedal
• Red Top Optima battery (New)
• Oil was changed every 3.000 miles. Always put Valvoline Dura blend synthetic blend oil in motor. Tried to always run Mobil One oil filters.
• K&N air filter
• Tires rotated every 10,000 miles.
• Transmission fluid changed once a year, always ran ATF transmission fluid
• Cooling system drained once a year. Warmer months I run water mixed with Redline’s Water Wetter coolant additive. Colder months I drain system and put 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water.
• Valve cover gaskets are rubber with steel core( can be reused again and again)
• Oil pan gasket is rubber with steel core
• Car handles great, very responsive steering and braking
• Car runs great, pulls hard in all gears and no knocking or pinging can be heard.
• Exhaust note is deep and pronounced at idle and when getting on the throttle. At cruising/highway speeds it is not excessively loud nor does it resonate throughout the cabin.
• Gets around 21-22 mpg on the highway and around 17-18 around town.
• Car is fully loaded except for leather
• Frame has been notched in engine bay for clearance of a twin turbo setup
• Center console has four (4) switches from previous owner running twin turbo setup. The switches are for secondary fan, water-methanol injection, etc. wires are still hooked up to switches and run behind dash.
• Subwoofer/amplifier wires are run to the head unit (not hooked up) and run to the back and hidden out of sight.

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good call apollo12. Thank you I didnt even catch that I had placed it here. Got in a hurry trying to post this at work and didnt read.

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