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First off I dont have any pics or I'd happily post em up so please dont post reply after reply asking for pics. That said, heres the rundown on it :

81 Mustang Hatch Medium blue with black interior.
It has a 79 Pace car cowl hood scoop on it which is black, the rest of the hood is in the same blue color as the rest of th car.
The interior is almost complete including real black panels and a black dash out of a 91 GT that needs to be finished installing.
The black seats are the base LX seats.
The black headliner and carpet are out of the same 91 GT.
The engine and trans are out of the 91 GT also. It ran great when pulled from the wrecked 91 GT but I havent had the time to get it up and running in this car.
Has stock shorty headers and an offroad H-pipe, I have 2 chamber flowmasters and I think I have LX tailpipes to go with it.
The body is straight and clean and the paint is all there but it wouldnt kill it to be repainted at some point in the near future.
The brakes will need work as will some of the other things to get it up and running but the engine and 5spd are all in and I have alot of extra parts that will go with it.
Its a light little car with the potential to be a nasty lil ride with a little hooking up of things.
I'll sell it for $1400 as it sits with the spare parts or finish it up and ask more.

Email me at [email protected] or call me at 904-505-5484. Located near Jacksonville, FL. Thanks Corral!
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